Congratulations to Mr. Randall Gaines 

Dear Supporters,

The results of Saturday’s election are clear: The voters of Legislative District 57 have rejected either the message or the messenger – or maybe both. I still believe that education is the only roadway toward improving Louisiana’s – or America’s – future. It’s a bit ironic that in a separate story a top level Congressional aide was quoted as saying that education is also “the only way out of poverty.”

I have not been able to contact Mr. Gaines personally but I have left messages congratulating him on his success and offering my best wishes.

I will ask the 2548 voters who supported me in the race to now support Mr. Gaines in whatever his legislative objectives may be. And since nearly three-quarters of the registered voters in the district didn’t even vote, I will ask those of you who did to continue to take part in the process. Democracy only works when people act responsibly and do their part. And believe me, this is not the last you’ve heard of me and my initiatives. It is only the beginning.

Respectfully yours,

I know that ‘nothing is more important than education‘ is not just a slogan for you. This is a value that has shaped the course of your life. I look forward to seeing you serve a broader base with the same integrity you have always demonstrated.”
~ Wendy Boldizar,
LCSW, former president St. John Association of Educators


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