Do You Believe in Our Current Education System?

The jury is still out on many of the current School Reform issues like charter schools, vouchers, and tax paid scholarships to private and parochial schools. Are they the keys to the future or just current fads? Russ wants more facts first. Here’s what former Secretary of Education Diana Ravitch, who served under two presidents – one a Democrat and one a Republican, had to say:

“What we need to improve education in this country is a strong, highly respected education profession; a rich curriculum in the arts and sciences, available in every school for every child; assessments that gauge what students know and can do, instead of mindless test prepping for bubble tests—And a government that is prepared to change the economic and social conditions that interfere with children’s readiness to learn.”

Quick fixes will not improve our the education system in our country. Turning public schools over to entrepreneurs or driving out experienced professionals and replacing them with enthusiastic amateurs is not the answer. High-performing nation know this, yet we still have not caught on or refuse to ask for help.

If our children mean as much to us as we proclaim, we can never be satisfied with the status quo. They deserve more than that. Throughout the world there are proven methods that deliver results and achieve better education. It’s time we swallow our pride and finally do what needs to be done. It’s time we give our children the education they need.

~ Russ Wise

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