Mudslinging Gets Us Nowhere

Dear Friends,

As we get deeper into the political season you are seeing some candidates attack their opponent’s character. Too often, they will focus on attacking their opponents instead of concentrating on what they themselves have to offer and why you should vote for them.

Over the years I have consistently focused on only two things — doing the job I was elected to do and doing it the right way. I am a firm believer that public officials should be elected only because they are the best candidate, not because they’ve convinced people that their opponent is worse than they are.

Mudslinging doesn’t get you what you need to make a good decision. I think its much better to give people reasons to vote for someone rather than simply attacking, attacking, attacking. That’s playground politics. You deserve more than childish games from your public officials. You deserve strong leadership with your interests fully in mind.

Believe in and vote for me so I can bring a new voice to the capital, and you can count on me to be the kind of public official you always hoped you were electing.

Respectfully yours,

Candidate, District 57
Louisiana House of Representatives

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