A Word Before The Primary on Oct 22

Dear Friends,

It’s not often that a candidate in a hard fought races ever says anything nice about his opponents, especially here in Louisiana. But as the last days before the October 22 primaries wind down I want to say something nice about the people running against me. First, though, I need to express my disappointment in a few other people.

As I have already said in this space, I am a firm believer that candidates for public office should encourage people to vote for them by pointing out their own plans and qualifications, not by painting their opponent as worse than they are. Too often, candidates for office seem to focus on attacking their opponents instead of concentrating on what they themselves have to offer. Louisiana is famous for negative campaigns – an approach that seems to be spreading across the entire country.

You and I have witnessed several cases of good ol’ Louisiana politics during this election season…but not from everyone.

At the start of the race for Louisiana House District 57, Mr. Randal Gaines and I reached a gentleman’s agreement to run a clean, respectful campaign based only on the issues – and I’m proud to say that that same level of integrity has applied to the other three candidates in the race as well. Whoever wins this race – and whoever loses – we can all walk away with our heads held high, knowing that none of us fell into the type of mudslinging that still seems to creep into too much of Louisiana politics.

Respectfully yours,

Candidate, District 57
Louisiana House of Representatives

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