A Nov. 19 runoff between Randal Gaines and I

Dear Supporters,

As a result of Saturday’s primary election, I have successfully advanced to the runoff for the State House of Representatives from the River Region (District #57) with the election scheduled for Saturday, November 19.

My platform includes diversifying Louisiana’s economy, improving our infrastructure and improving relations between state and local governments. But its central point is dedicated to building our state’s education system into the strongest in the country, because I believe the quality of our education system affects virtually every long-term aspect of our quality of life.

My extensive experience on the St. John Parish School Board has prepared me to the lead the statewide crusade for improving Louisiana’s schools. I’m proud to say I have played a pivotal role in raising scores, increasing graduation rates and lowering dropout rates. Policies I put into place have helped us in two other key areas – removing politics from the educational process and maintaining our fiscal integrity. Our nonpolitical process of selecting a superintendent is now being copied across the state.  As other budgets founder, our credit rating has just been raised two notches to the highest point in our history.

In order for me to work toward these same goals on a statewide basis, it is vitally important that I gain your support. I ask you to seriously consider granting me your endorsement in the upcoming race so we can move Louisiana’s education system from the bottom toward the top of the national rankings so all of us in Louisiana can enjoy the many benefits of a great education system. Please vote for #56 Russ Wise on November 19, 2011.

Respectfully yours,

Candidate, District 57
Louisiana House of Representatives

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