Be watchful during the runoff election

Dear Supporters,

The first round of voting in Election 2011 is over. Since most of the big races have already been settled, maybe this time there will be less heat and more light on the real issues among the rest of the remaining candidates.

Once again, I want to complement the others who ran against me in the primaries. In at least this one race no one threw mud, made exaggerated or untrue claims, or otherwise embarrassed anyone by needlessly attacking other candidates. Now I face off with Mr. Randal Gaines in the November 19 runoff. I expect a spirited campaign with lots of ads, mailers, phone calls, and everything else that goes with it. The Democratic Party is spending whatever it takes to defeat me, which is the same old party politics which has gotten our system into the deplorable condition it is today. Bring ’em on.

I know that when a candidate accepts big money contributions from a political party, sometimes he or she loses control of their own campaign. Mr. Gaines has already benefited greatly from mailers paid for by the Democratic State Central Committee, which backed him over three other democrats who also ran against me. So far there has been no mud thrown, and I hope it stays that way. But be watchful. Mr. Gaines and I have reached a “gentlemen’s agreement” to campaign only on the issues and not make personal attacks. I applaud him for that; he is an honorable man. But other forces are at work. Be watchful.

Respectfully yours,

Candidate, District 57
Louisiana House of Representatives

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