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THE BASIC FACTS – We live in one of the most dysfunctional states in an increasingly dysfunctional nation. America is speeding toward second-class status on a range of important fronts. In many of them, Louisiana is already there. We can’t educate our young. We can’t keep our roads and bridges in good repair or even the systems that bring clean water to our homes and carry dirty water away. It’s time to change that.

EDUCATION – Above all else, this is the key to my legislative campaign. Nothing is as important to Louisiana’s future as education. When education improves, crime goes down, unemployment goes down, payrolls go up and jobs become available. In St. John Parish, test scores have significantly improved since I’ve been on the School Board and dropouts are becoming rare. We’ve helped raise teacher pay to one of the highest in the State, built a new school, completely rebuilt two other schools and put top-level technology in all of them – All without raising taxes one single penny. Now it’s time to do it for the rest of Louisiana.

INFRASTRUCTURE – Roads, bridges, water and power…They are the machinery vital to making sure our communities function and grow. From upgrading and improving the increasingly important Port of South Louisiana to developing faster and more efficient ways of getting people to work or getting them out of the path of a massive storm, I’m dedicated to improving transportation in the region.

The River Parishes are only partly protected from storm surges on Lake Ponchartrain. St. Charles has a new lakeshore levee, but St. John is still exposed. If I-10 is under water in St. John, thousands of evacuees could be trapped.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT – Once again, education plays a big part in attracting business and industry to the River Parishes and in keeping the ones we’ve got. But a true leader doesn’t stop there. New Orleans and the River Region is already the country’s third-largest movie production center. Movie and TV production, transportation, technology and international trade are just some of the opportunities for people willing to think outside the box.

MORE AUTONOMY – Sometimes, state government is its own worst enemy. Common sense says that local people understand local needs much better than anyone else, but dozens of state laws prevent us from making up our own minds and solving our own problems. In the legislature, I promise to work with River Parish governments and school boards, with local assessors and sheriffs to form a team that will concentrate its efforts to make our region the best place to live, learn, work, play, raise our children and spend our golden years.


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