About Russ

“If the the only thing I accomplish in life is improving the future for Louisiana’s children, I will die a happy man.”
  • Married to Connie Hurley Wise for 32 years
  • Raised three children
  • A retired broadcast journalist
  • Active in church and religious organizations
  • Served 1967-75
  • A Vietnam Veteran
  • Received direct commission from Sergeant to 2nd Lieutenant 1969
  • Proud member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)
  • Member, St. John Parish School Board Executive Committee
  • Board member, Louisiana School Boards Association
  • Founding member, Louisiana School Accountability Commission
  • Former member, St. John Parish Recreation Board
How far has education come in St. John Parish during Russ’ tenure? Click here to see.

  • Vice Chairman, Pelican District, Boy Scouts of America
  • River Region Chamber of Commerce
  • St. John Business Association
  • ARC of St. John
  • St. Charles Council on Aging
  • LaPlace Lions Club Member
  • River Region Arts and Humanities Council
  • Friends of St. John Theater
  • Friends of  St. John Library
  • First Baptist Church of LaPlace
  • The Gideons International

Former Orleans Parish Civil Sheriff Paul Valteau Jr.

“I enjoyed getting to know Russ when he and I co-hosted the United Negro College Fund telethons for several years,” says former Orleans Parish Civil Sheriff Paul Valteau Jr. 

“Russ worked tirelessly to help raise millions of dollars in scholarship funds so students could aspire to a higher education at such local institutions as Xavier, Dillard and Southern. I want to commend him for his dedication to helping make so many young people’s dreams come true.”


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