Military & Overseas Voters

In 2009 Congress passed the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act (MOVE Act) to provide new procedures for absentee voting by the military and overseas citizens of our country. Louisiana’s legislature passed HB 1200 (R.S. 2010), Act 624 to implement the MOVE Act for Louisiana’s military and overseas voters, allowing the following:

  • To be able to request an Application to Register to Vote by emailing your registrar of voters of the parish where you last resided prior to Military service or going overseas.  You may return the application by mail or fax.
  • To be able to vote absentee by mail for a federal general election using an electronically transmitted ballot to be sent at least 45 days before a federal general election.
  • To be able to vote by use of the Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot.
    • Obtain a federal write-in absentee ballot from the Federal Voting Assistance Program website. Please be aware that you may only use this ballot for a federal general election as Louisiana does not allow for write-in candidates in state or local races.
  • To be able to track your absentee ballot.
    • Click here to determine whether your absentee ballot was received by your parish registrar of voters and to track the status of your mailed ballot.

You will be required to submit your email address if you choose to receive your federal general election ballot electronically. Louisiana’s law provides for the protection from disclosure of your electronic mail address, along with your social security number, driver’s license number, day and month of your date of birth, and mother’s maiden name.

The State of Louisiana’s designated means of electronic communication as required by the MOVE Act is the Louisiana Secretary of State’s website at

Please visit our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for additional information specific to Military and Overseas Voters.

Returning voted ballots:
Deadlines for returning your voted ballots to the Registrar of Voters office for an election are as follows:
·         Military Personnel:  By 8:00 p.m. on Election Day
·         U.S. Citizens residing outside the U.S.:  By 8:00 p.m. on Election Day
·         All others:  By 4:30 p.m. on the day before Election Day

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